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Broadband Setup

Broadband suppliers are getting better at providing easy setup, but it can still be a bit scary if you are new to networking. I perform broadband setup for a standard fee.

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Broadband Services and Speeds

There are two main ways to access broadband internet. The first is from Virgin Media via cable services. This requires that your area already has a cabled supply, but that includes almost everywhere in Leeds. You get a choice of three speeds from fast to unbelievably fast, and reliability is pretty good. The downside is that cable broadband is more expensive.

The other type of access is called ADSL and is via a traditional wired phone line. Your phone service does not have to be with BT, and your ADSL service does not need to be BT either; nor does your ADSL broadband service need to be with your telephone service provider. ADSL is cheaper than cable (and sometimes free), but the speeds are lower, and depend on the wired distance to your telephone sub-station. You also get significantly poorer service because of line sharing with other users.