Price List

Hourly Rates
PC Work 1 35
Personal Tuition 35
Call-Out Charge 2
LS8, LS16, LS17 15
Elsewhere 25
Fixed Price Services
Broadband setup 35
Email Setup 20
Wireless router setup 35
Wireless printer setup 25
Other / advanced networking I will quote for labour and hardware.
Typical labour cost is 70.
Security software installation 35
Data transfer service 35
Secure online backup installation 3,4 35
Data recovery 5 35 for attempt.
Plus 7 per GB 6 if successful, capped at 105.
Discounts & Capped Charges
Virus & spyware removal 7 Charged by the half hour, but capped at 3 hours (105).
Multiple services Negotiable
Other Services
Custom Builds I will discuss your requirements and give you a quote. A typical gaming machine is 1000.
Web Design 8 I will discuss your requirements and give you a quote. A small simple site (read-only like this one) will cost from about 350.
Logo Design 60. Contact us for details.
Other Digital Artwork Contact us to discuss requirements and we will give you a quote.

1 Subject to minimum call-out charge.
2 The call-out charge is the minimum for on-site work, not in addition to other charges.
3 Including a quick lesson.
4 Some onsite backup services have monthly charges.
5 There are absolutely no guarantees for data recovery. The success rate is low.
6 Rounded up to the nearest Gigabyte.
7 The success rate for virus and spyware removal is very high, but eradication is not guaranteed. Worse case scenarios will be discussed, which may fall outside the capped charges. This is very rare.
8 I only design the site. You host it separately, and that costs about 100 per annum for small sites.

Hardware Prices

I do make a profit on hardware that I provide. You get the benefit of my experience in selecting components and sourcing them reliably and cheaply. In broad terms I charge what you would pay on the High Street, unless you have an urgent requirement when I may have to charge a premium to get the items quickly.