Image of Spyware Detection

Virus & Spyware Removal

Even the best secured systems occasionally get infected with spyware. The effort involved in removal varies enormously, but I provide a capped charge service, where the most you pay for is three hours work. (It often takes more than that!) The PC would normally need to be taken offsite, because I take a complete backup before trying to fix it, and I don’t want to charge for sitting around waiting for backups to complete.

Backups to an external USB drive typically take an hour or two.

In a small number of cases infections cannot be repaired because they have already done so much damage. In that case a system repair or full rebuild is required, and I will discuss that worst-case with you, but your data files are usually safe.

A system repair can be done only if you have a full Windows CD. Unless you bought Windows separately you will often not have one. The CDs supplied with most PCs are recovery CDs, and reset the system to its initial state before you installed any software or created any user files.

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