Web Design

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I have designed several web sites including this one. They are hand-craft for visual impact, usability, ease of maintenance and browser compatibility.

Some of my other sites:


The web contains rich sources of royalty-free and copyright-free images, and it is usually possible to find appropriate graphics for a site, but you may want customized digital artwork. I can give you a quote for such work, to be done by a graphic designer. We can develop a logo for you for a fixed price.

As well as developing your web site, you will need it hosting, and you will probably also want a domain name. You have to pay for both of these, and the cost is likely to be about about 100 per year for a small site. I can help you set all this up.

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I aim for maximum separation of content and layout, using hand-crafted external style sheets designed to facilitate changes to the layout.

Most sites will be developed in a content management system to facilitate changes to the content. If you want to maintain the content yourself, it will be easy.

I test the sites on multiple platforms and all the major browsers.