Image of Wireless-N Router
Image of Wireless Monitor Screenshot

Wireless Networking

Some broadband packages now come with wireless routers already personalized for your account, sometimes with wireless security already set up. Others don’t even give you a router. Whatever your package is, I can set up a simple wireless network for a standard fee. I can also set up more complex networks. Some buildings are inherently difficult to network with wireless communications, but there are simple solutions that do not involve laying cables.

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HomePlug for non-streaming apps. This operates over your mains, and HomePlug Turbo devices run at up to 85 Mbps. In practice they are faster than 54 Mbps WiFi, and are likely to be faster than almost all broadband services, so are ideal for broadband sharing. They are not suitable for streaming high quality video from media centres.

HomePlug AV is a faster (and more expensive) version of Homeplug, running at up to 200 Mbps, and designed for HDTV and VoIP.

Wireless repeaters are available designed as simple range extensions of an existing WiFi network. They are simple to install, but effectively half the bandwidth for connected clients.

A better way of extending the wireless coverage is to connect a second wireless access point to the existing wireless router with Homeplug, and set it up to provide wireless roaming. A wireless client will then automatically connect to the access point with the best signal.